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Harness the Energy

of New York City


A State of Energy’s
Unique Crystal Blend

Crystals and gemstones carry frequencies and healing properties that become charged from deep inside the earth. Those energies are not defined by the SIZE of the crystal, but by the properties and conditions undr which they are created. The specific energies and the positive reactions that they possess have been identified through thousands of years of human interaction. Think batteries, some of the smallest batteries are extremely powerful and run big devices. The same goes for crystals.

It can be cumbersome and awkward to carry large sized crystals with you, especially when you combine crystals for a specific purpose.

"A State Of Energy” has invested years of research and sourcing to bring the most powerful crystals to our mixes, in the most beautifully crushed and concentrated way.

It is exciting to be able to create and offer these mixes to you, featured in many ways, that will fit beautifully into your every day.





Years in the making, we have worked with a team of geologists, herbalists and botanists to create this proprietary power blend.


When you walk through Manhattan, you are literally walking on energy. 

NYC has an energy that is palpable, you can almost feel it in your bones it’s so magnetic. Most people who live in the city know it, and those who come from afar can’t deny that pull. What is it? Is it the people, the contstant motion, the lights? Is it the combination of everything or something else?

Did you know that when you walk through Manhattan, you are literally walking ON energy?

That ENERGY is found in the indigenous crystals, minerals, and semi precious stones found in the bedrock of NYC. 

These crystals are “Nature’s Batteries" : charging the very ground we walk on.

Manhattan literally pulses with this energy.

Once harvested, they are crushed, and put through our cleansing / re-energizing / protective process.

We then add a complex and precise combination of indigenous herbs and botanicals to create an additional level of natural energy.

This power packed product is literally The Energy Of NYC packaged to take with you everywhere you go. It is a healing, protective, energizing blend that makes that NYC energy undeniable.

Now you don’t have to be FROM Manhattan to BE a Manhattanite!


Our Discovery

Nature called and we listened! Between Jennifer’s love and passion for walking through Central Park learning about what nature is offering us and Jimmy’s literal spark and love for the healing powers of crystals, they realized that they had unearthed something truly magical!


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We actually have a collection of 4 unique blends.

While Manhattanite is our original NYC blend, we have 3 others you may love as well. Our Money Blend attracts financial stability, builds wealth, attracts money. Our Happiness Blend attracts, keeps and shares happiness. Our Love-Love-Love Blend aids in finding love, keeping love, sharing love.