Money Mix

Money Mix

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All of our products consist of a proprietary blend of ingredients made up of crystals, stones and botanicals, but some of the ingredients we can share with you include:


  • Tigereye - unlocks hidden sources of money. Prevents anything from holding you back from financial prosperity.

  • Quartz - eliminates financial blockages. Positive energy directed at your finances in this mix.

  • Peridot - protects your finances from theft. Prevents cowardice in asking for money.

  • Pyrite - retains and blocks the leaking of your energy

Herb and Botanical Components:

  • Mistletoe - KEEPING wealth

  • Witch Hazel - remove wealth blockages

  • Juniper Berry - healing bad finances

  • Ginger - “speaking up” financial gain

  • Sarsaparilla - money / prosperity

  • Chrysanthemum - sun energy / fire

*Note the pictures in the different vessels are featuring Manhattanite crystals

A Vessel:
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