Love Mix

Love Mix

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All of our products consist of a proprietary blend of ingredients made up of crystals, stones and botnicals, but some of the ingredients we can share with you include:


  • Red Jasper : “I am AVAILABLE for love to come into my life “ “I have FAITH and believe unconditionally that Love will find me

  • ”Strawberry Quartz : Has a calming and confidence building effect where love is concerned. It is believed that this gemstone directly channels love from the other side. It also represents the energy of the heart.

  • Clear Quartz : clarity of purpose. Connects to a clear connection to higher guidance to find and keep love.

  • Rose Quartz : associated with Venus the goddess of love. Summon the love of your life.

Botanicals and Herbs:

  • Organic Rose Petals: expresses promise, hope and new beginnings. Also refreshes commitment energies.

  • Hydrangea Root : keeping the love that you find nourished as it represents the element of water. Draws love to those searching, will also bring back lost love.

  • Allspice: determination, Fertility, aphrodisiac, fire element (will add fire to an existing love life).

  • Violet leaf : often used in “love spells”, very well known to increase one’s luck in the love area.

  • We also add lavender because when Violet Leaf and Lavender are mixed - it increases their powers a hundred fold. VERY powerful combination.

  • Lavender: a pure and powerful source of attraction.Longevity.

*Note the pictures in the different vessels are featuring Manhattanite crystals

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