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All of our products consist of a proprietary blend of ingredients made up of crystals, stones and botnicals, but some of the ingredients we can share with you include:


  • Red Garnet (energizes, regenerates, passion)

  • Black Tourmaline (balance, removes negative energies)

  • Beryl (boosts potential, shed stress)

  • Amethyst (energy regenerator)

  • Kyanite (chakra realignment, centering)

  • Biotite (focus / clarity)

Herb and Botanical Components:

  • Ginko Biloba / Maidenhair Tree (Energy - Mood - Memory)

  • Dandelion (Defeats Negativity - Wish Inspiring)

  • Elderberry (Dream Magnet)

  • Lavender (Sharpens The Mind)

  • Calendula (Optimism - Success - Vitality)

A Vessel:
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