Our process is a very unique one.

"A State Of Energy’s" power mixes are LAYERED WITH POWER to give you the most energy, in the most concentrated way.

Our mixes are designed as recipes to create an overall intention in very unique categories, offering to you our proprietary blend.

It is very much like baking a cake, the layering of energies into the recipe creates the masterpiece!


We start with the crystals and stones. They are sourced and categorized by each of their energies and healing properties.

They are then put through a cleansing process to restore their power. This is done by soaking the stones in pure water and a mix of salts for 48 hours. This salt water cleansing erases any residual energies of those individuals mining them, and prepping them, packaging them and bringing them to us. Once the crystals are cleansed, we only handle them with gloved hands. After they dry, we further protect the crystals with a custom “life force renewal blend” of essential oils, and botanical essences that bring the crystals and stones to their strongest state.

They are then sealed and protected until we are ready to include them in our mixes.


We add the dried botanical and herbal blends associated with the energies (or location) of that mix.

The mixes are sealed and protected until they are packaged.


Before an order leaves our offices, the packages go through one more process: The Intention.

Probably one of the most exciting aspects included with your purchase is that each and every order is included in a formal Intention Process.

We share in the belief and practice that mindfulness and intention directed in the right way can positively change a life.

We want to ensure that your purchase leaves us with a blast of positive energy - ready for you to make that energy your own