We work with some of the most talented crystal experts to identify the energies and properties of the best crystals and minerals in the world.

When we receive these crystals, they go through a 48 hour cleansing process. At this point the crystals are never touched by us unless we are wearing gloves (this ensures that YOUR energy is the first to merge with these crystals when you purchase them. 

Then we create unique recipes of these crystals to layer their energies into specific formulations. 

These formulations represent areas that you want to manifest MORE of in your life.

Then we layer in botanicals and herbs who’s energies compliment the recipe.

This mixture is then placed into different sizes of tamper proof apothecary bottles and labeled.

Before any products leave our offices, they go through an Intention and Energy Ritual. This is our way of joining with you in agreement that our mixes will bring you exactly what you are looking for!

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How Do I USE My Crystal Mix?

When you receive your crystal mix, crack open the safety seal on your bottle and unscrew the lid.

Pour the mix into your hand (be sure to do this over a surface that is clear and big enough to catch any mix that may fall out of your hands).

Meditate on the intention that the mix is created for, and HOW you would like the energies to manifest in YOUR life. Your unique energies are now 

melded with your mix! 

Now you can do a number of things to enjoy your mix:

  • Return the mix to the bottle and keep in your pocket or bag. Pour into hand or meditate with the bottle in your hand whenever you want.

  • Sprinkle the mix around a photo, or candle or into a small bowl.

  • Our mixes are beautiful, and when set on a windowsill, they are wonderfully energized as the sun shines through them.