Our Discovery

The seed to start A State of Energy was planted many years ago as Co-Founder, Jennifer Walsh, began her company, Walk with Walsh. Inspired by the natural energy and benefits of Central Park, Jennifer began research on just what made NYC such an “energized” and exhilarating place.

She began her research by contacting geologists and other experts to ask one question: "where does this energy that we feel in NYC come from?”

While we would love to explain everything, the short version is this:

The earth is made up minerals, deposits of crystals and precious and semi precious stones that exude energy (very much like "nature’s batteries”) . 

Jennifer discovered NYC has a very high concentration of some of the most powerful crystals and stones and minerals. What is so unusual is that they are naturally occurring and mixing in a way that when combined - they pack an amazing energetic punch! The very energy that people feel when they step foot in NYC. The energy of NYC is palpable.

It became our mission to not only harness the naturally occurring energies of the crystals and minerals below us but to also add the natural energies of the botanics indigenous to NYC.

That preliminary mix was awesome - but cumbersome. The crystals we were using were big and bulky and we wanted to create a better way to get this mix into the hands of those who like us, LOVE the energy of NYC.

Research continued, and we were able to mill our crystals and stones into a concentrated, and compact form. Easy to carry - but just as powerful.

RESULT : “Manhattanite”.

Manhattanite describes our crystal mix perfectly.

Not only are all of our mix ingredients found in the soil and fields of NYC, but the name alone captures the very essence of it’s energies: THE ENERGY OF MANHATTAN / NYC.

Manhattanite" is NYC in a bottle that you you can harness any way that you like.

So if you love the energy that you feel as you live in NYC, “Manhattanite" is perfect to increase that energy everyday.

If you miss the energy of NYC, “Manhattanite" is the perfect keepsake to tap into that NYC energy time you want.

If you dream of coming to NYC, “Manhattanite” can bring you one step closer to being a Manhattanite!