Our Founders


Jennifer Walsh and Jimmy Floyd have been friends for years in New York City. What Jennifer and Jimmy have created together is truly the beautiful blend of who they both are and their ongoing, uplifting entrepreneurial spirits.



Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer is a serial entrepreneur with creating a number of beauty brands over the past 20 years. She founded her first business in 1998, Beauty Bar, and grew it to become the very first omni channel beauty brand in the country consisting of brick and mortar, a website, and a weekly TV show. She sold the business in 2010 and amazon now owns. Since then she has created a number of other businesses and has worked with brands both in the US and abroad. She appears on TV every month and has done so for over 21 years talking about beauty, business, retail, and the wellness industry.  She also hosts a video series called Walk with Walsh, which became the impetus for this new venture.

Jennifer Walsh


Jimmy Floyd

Jimmy has a storied history in the Television Industry as a producer, Show Creator, Executive Producer and Casting Director.

In the late 90’s Jimmy also launched “Producer’s Advantage”, the leading product placement / celebrity seeding company serving the Network TV Industry. Producer’s Advantage was also known as the originators of the “Gifting Suite” phenomenon winning awards for their branded Oscar House / Sundance House and “Haven Retreats”.

Hundreds of well known brands got their first exposure to influencers through Producer’s Advantage.

Over the course of the past few years Jimmy decided to dedicate his energies to companies and services that would benefit people on a more personal level.

Jimmy launched www.motivationmobile.com, a company that creates “pop up employee break time experiences” in the workplace.

He also burst into the culinary scene with www.henriettaraesbreadpudding.com, created to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research, dedicated to his mother Blanche who passed away from the disease in 2017.